Developing and strengthening our communities through generations of peacemakers


Empower young people to become positive Change Agents and to build a culture of love and peace within their families and communities.


  1. Help youth define their personal life vision and educate them to set meaningful goals and to transform them into actions based on human and moral values.
  2. Develop the youth’s critical thinking, reflective learning and leadership skills in order to enable them to make healthy decisions and be change catalysts within their communities.
  3. Provide young people with the necessary life and communications skills in order to build and maintain healthy relationships between their families and communities.
  4. Promote reconciliation by focusing on communities which are suffering from violent conflicts in order to restore trust and pave the way toward a lasting peace.


The rapid expansion of the brutal wars in our region and the deterioration of human values and basic human rights threaten our future and raise the need to focus our efforts on building Peace. A Peace process must be developed, fostered and supported, while our efforts should be directed at the root cause: the culture of violence.

Hostility, hatred, despair and indifference are at the heart of this growing culture of violence. This cycle of violence affects the quality of our lives and limits the capacities of our youth. Violence is fueled by anger, intolerance, impatience, unfair judgments and aggression. It is often reflected in the quality and style of our language, our relations, our behavior, and the way we treat our environment. A moral revolution is imperative to replace this culture of violence with a culture of human values such as respect, responsibility, love, justice and compassion. Silence and indifference are no longer options if a society is to survive.

Believe, a Lebanese Non-Governmental Organization founded in 2014, works with our youth, as they represent the hope and strength of tomorrow. Believe strives to transform their life perceptions, mentalities and habits, and to make them realize that they have what it takes to overcome the numerous struggles and obstacles they are facing. We empower our youth to be messengers of hope and peacemakers within their families, neighborhoods and respective communities: this is our “raison d’etre”.

  • In view of an environment that controls how young people think, Believe encourages them to think critically about the world around them and crystallize their role and their mission as peacemakers.
  • In view of the lack of ambition and empowerment among our youth, Believe is here to help them set goals, take risks and work to achieve their personal dreams.
  • In view of the standardization of how to measure success in our societies and the limitations set by rules and regulations, Believe helps the youth to stand up for their values, unleash their potentials and Be themselves.
  • In view of the rise of individualism, the feeling of loneliness, and the fear of failure, Believe strives to foster commitment to solidarity, community involvement and self-empowerment with our youth.
  • In view of an environment of hatred and revenge, Believe promotes true reconciliation as one way to tackle the heritage of the past by sharing testimonies, purifying the memory and creating bridges within communities.
  • In view of an environment of indifference, Believe empowers youth to be Change Agents:

  • Change Agents who are committed to human values and human rights

  • Change Agents who promote tolerance and empower community involvement

  • Change Agents who give hope and mobilize people toward constructive actions

  • Change Agents who are able to think high, feel deep and act free

  • Change Agents who facilitate reconciliation processes and build peace

We can turn away from violence

We can build communities of greater peace

This is Believe